Academics at AEF Elementary School

AEF’s elementary school program focuses on establishing a solid foundation of skills from which the students can build upon. The elementary unit is comprised of our Primary Learning Center (PLC) where students are grouped by ability and grade.

A robust curriculum consists of core subjects such as Language Arts and Math supplemented by Art, Science, Social Studies, PE, Dance, Computers, IT, Social Skills, and Library.

AEF offers a rigorous academic program for students who learn differently. Children thrive through our focus on skill based learning, executive function training, and organizational skill building. Students with specific academic deficits including dyslexia or dysgraphia , are given the additional phonological instruction needed to finally "break the code". However, there are no reduced expectations.. Our students are presented with the same textbooks and materials as students in other schools, but in a manner that more closely matches their individual learning styles. Supplemental materials are carefully researched and then incorporated to enhance student learning.
Elementary School

A full curriculum emphasizing both group and individualized instruction

Grades 1-3: The Primary Learning Center (PLC)

Grades 4-5: